Rug Cleaning Services

An Oriental rug might be a beautiful thing to have in your home but it’s also something that can be a real hassle for you to keep clean. This is why you should contact us at Mundae for help.

Carpet CleaningAt Mundae we can work by managing all kinds of rugs ranging from synthetic materials to handmade materials among many others. We can work with Persian rugs, wool rugs and silk rugs among many others.

We can review your rug and see if it can be treated in your own home. We’ll then choose to either clean your rug on site if it is appropriate for doing so or we can pick up and clean your rug at our site and then deliver it to you for free. This can work if you have a rug that is fragile and needs a great deal of care because its colors could easily run.

We can manage all kinds of stains. These include fading stains and pet stains. We can also make a full estimate and review on your rug when your appointment comes.

Our cleaning facility works particularly well with all kinds of rugs. We can store and review rugs and then treat them as needed. It takes up to seven business days for this function to work for your rug..