Pet Stains And Odor Control Services

It’s understandable that pets can have accidents on your fabrics even if they are well trained. The problem is that these stains can easily damage your fabrics. This is why you should contact us at Mundae. We’ve been working with pet stains for more than twenty-five years.

The pet spot and stain removal process involves a review of your animal’s stain based on the kind of animal you have, its gender, condition and diet. We can then determine the right material that is needed to get things managed well. This includes finding something that is capable of neutralizing the acid from the stain.

This can work on any surface. We can do this on upholstery and rugs just like with carpets.

Of course, you should think about what you can do while waiting for us to take care of such a spot. You can get urine that was just created an hour ago managed by using a damp cotton towel to blot up as much of the stain as possible. You’ll need to use light upholstery cleaner and plenty of pressure to get as much out as possible.

A stain that is a little older will require a little more effort. You’ll need to use a light bit of vinegar over the stain and blotted down with a cotton towel. You’ll have to test the vinegar in another spot to ensure that discoloration will not be an issue. You’ll also need to get a good amount of pressure with the vinegar to get as much out as you can.