Leather Cleaning

We can help you out here at Mundae with all our leather cleaning needs. We will loosen and clear the soil that is stuck on any leather application you have. We can also recondition everything to make your furniture look as fresh and new as possible.

A terry cloth can be used in our procedure to stimulate the removal procedure on your leather. The cloth will keep the leather soft and dry while removing the soil.

We work well but we do recommend that you clean your furniture on a regular basis so you can keep your leather as safe as possible. It does help to at least contact us two or three times every year. This is due to the risk that you will be putting your leather furniture in as you keep on cleaning it and leaving oils and other substances in your leather as you use it over time. The fact that we use the latest cleaning products and procedures will help.

We Also Work with Stains

Stains on leather can be a hassle. This is especially the case for stains that are in business areas or in other spots where many people can show up in. These stains can particularly come from body oils. These oils can create a darker appearance on your leather.

We can clean any of these stains off of your leather. This can improve the life of your leather while making sure that you save money.

There are many other things to find here:

  • We work with as many appointments as you need; we recommend at least two or three visits a year

  • We work with re-conditioning procedures and can even restore oils on your leather

  • Any kind of leather can be handled; this includes Nubuck leather

  • Leather seats on the inside of your car can also be treated

  • We can manage any kind of stain