Tile and Grout Cleaning

The dirt that can get into your tile’s pores can easily create some unappealing looks to your surface. These looks can create a dirty appearance that might be a challenge to manage. This can be hard to clean off with some normal cleaning functions. This is where we at Mundae can work on your tiles and grout. We use a simple truck mounted system that can clear out the dirt and other materials on your tile and grout surface. The items that you have will be treated and restored to where they will look as good as new.

    We can remove grease, bacteria and other substances from any tile surface. This works without a great amount of odor and can work without having to close anything off in your area.
  • GROUT SEALING SERVICE- For new homes and floors.
    New grout materials can be sealed on new floors. Our seals can work for up to ten years without any peeling or discoloration.
    We also add invisible non-slip treatments. This will keep your tiles looking fresh while also keeping a spot safe. This works well in spots where moisture may be present. These include bathrooms, shower stalls, kitchen spots and entry spots. We can even do this on pool decks.
    We can also manage Mexican or Saltillo tiles. We will strip the tiles, clean then and restore them to create a shiny look.