Mundae Cleaning Services FAQ

Here’s a few things that you need to be aware of when getting your carpets cleaned: 

  • You should keep off of the carpet that’s being treated for about three or four hours after the carpet is treated. You could technically walk over it because it won’t be too damp but it’s best to leave it alone for a bit. You might need to get pets and family members away from an area for that time.

  • Sometimes soils may stick in a carpet’s pad. This could cause a stain that was removed to come back. You can allow us to clean these stains if they come back thanks to our full guarantee and warranty.

  • We recommend that your carpets are cleaned twice each year. This goes alongside regular vacuuming and other basic procedures that you can do on your own.

  • We can offer free consultations before any services are managed on your home. This can vary according to the size of your property. We can work with any kind of property no matter how little or how big that property might be.

  • The truth about your carpet is that it could be dirty even if it doesn’t look the part. Mites, dander and other items can easily stick under your carpet pile and could create allergens that might make your home harder to live in.

  • We can only work with any parts of carpet that we can actually access. We can move light pieces of furniture to accommodate our cleaning functions.

  • We work with a variety of repair and stitching procedures. These are all used to make it easier for your items to be fixed. We can also work with patches to repair any stains that were caused by bleach among other stains that may not be able to be fixed.