Germicidal UV Lamps

Improving Your Air Quality - Are you looking to make the air that you breathe in your home fresh, clean and healthy? Germicidal UV lamps offer exactly this when added to your home's furnace. The Germicidal lamps work to sanitize your air and clear allergy particles, mold and other contaminants in the air. Air has never been made this clean and healthy.

Since the air is constantly circulating in the air-ducts, polluted air is usually circulated back into the indoor environment. This is essentially because the air filters are susceptible to dirt and dust. If the system becomes moist, sludge and fungus start building up hence making the AC system inefficient. As a result, the air release into the indoor environment is contaminated and unhealthy.

The Germicidal UV lamp technology works to eliminate the efficiencies of the AC systems in most homes. This technology is especially ideal for people who suffer from allergies. This is because the lamp clears up bacteria, fungus and other organisms that are known to cause allergic reactions. Installation of the safeguard UV cleanser will eliminate chances of the indoor cooling and heating system harboring fungus, mold, bacteria and other harmful organisms. The UV Germicidal lamp technology has been tested and proven to sanitize air in various indoor environments.

For over 75 years, the system has been used in clinics, hospitals as well as food plants. Businesses and homes have enjoyed the benefits of this technology for more than 20 years. In fact, the Facilities Standards for Public Building require that the Germicidal technology be used in all public buildings. Apart from clearing harmful organisms from the air, the UV air cleanser also works to neutralize VOCs- Volatile Organic Compounds.

According to the- CDC- Center of Disease Control, 31% of home pollutants are likely to be VOCs. Such VOCs mostly come from household cleaners and paints on the wall. The chemical gasses and solvents are neutralized and eliminated from the air when exposed to the UV cleanser. The quality of air is significantly improved with this UV Germicidal lamp technology.

This technology has been proven to:

  • Fight illnesses such as influenza, common colds, measles, tuberculosis and small pox
  • Reduce chances of asthma and allergies
  • Ease irritability Reduce frequency of headaches
  • Diminish occurrences of snoring
  • Reduce chances of nasal congestion
  • Reduce depression and fatigue
  • Increase personal vitality
  • Eliminate unpleasant odors such as cigarette smoke, pet odors and smog

The Germicidal UV Lamp Cleanser is designed for HVCA house systems and offers maximum kill ratio of bacteria, mold, viruses, spores, fungi, germs and other harmful organisms. In addition to improving the quality of air in homes, the cleanser technology increases the efficiency and life span of central cooling and heating systems.