Drapery Cleaning Services

All of us at Mundae are experienced with draperies. We’ve practically done every kind of drapery under the sun from the fanciest to the easiest. We can work with many functions like taking down draperies, cleaning them properly and hanging them back up ourselves.

We can schedule a time to take down your drapes and then clean them as needed. We work with secure Greenjet cleaning functions that do not use solvents. They are also easier to manage in any spot.

We will also hand finish what you have to ensure that there are no wrinkles or other issues around it. Our goal is to guarantee that there will not be any damages to your draperies. Your fabrics will not shrink either.

We will then reinstall your drapes as needed. We do this because we know how to manage these items. After all, it’s often harder to reinstall them than what you might think.

We will also deliver things full length. This is better than having something folded over a hanger. A hanger could potentially cause wrinkles to develop around your drapes.

You can even get your drapes stored at our warehouse if you are in a remodeling or painting project. We can clean your drapes at our site and then hold them for as many as three months.

Call us at 713-777-7700 to get a full schedule for your drapery cleaning needs.

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Call us today at (713)-777-7700 to schedule your free home drapery inspection and written estimate.

We strongly recommend letting us do the take down and re-hang for a couple of reasons. Number 1... Those draperies are tougher to get back up than they look and Number 2... Some wrinkling is bound to occur as the draperies will have to folded and banded over a seven inch hanger as opposed to being delivered full length by us.




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