Carpet Repair

Wood Floor Cleaning

The amount of traffic that your carpet can get into can vary. Either way, it can be damaged after a while from all that traffic. You don’t have to replace your carpet or move furniture around just to fix the issue. You can call us at Mundae to get your carpet repaired.

Our technicians are dedicated to working with repairs and carpet stretching functions. We work well on all kinds of issues ranging from torn seams to patches. We can work with small parts of any carpet. You could even have an entire room of carpet treated.

This may work well if you have a carpet that wasn’t stretched well. Poorly stretched carpet can wear out quickly. We use stretching materials to ensure that your carpet will actually be stretched out the right way.

The things that you can get out of a carpet repair service are great to think about. We work with a large variety of items like:

  • Carpet stretching functions
  • Ripple removal
  • Reinstalling items that were damaged by fires or floods
  • Removing bleach and other substantial discolorations
  • Removal Berber carpet snags
  • Cleaning out burns from smaller items like cigarettes
  • Getting tack strips installed
  • Fixing any squeaks underneath your carpet

    We do this with a lifetime warranty. It even has a money back guarantee.