Carpet Cleaning Services

Houston Carpet Cleaning Carpet Cleaning
It’s a real challenge to manage a good carpet cleaning process. Sometimes the wrong decision can ruin your carpet. That’s where we at Mundae can come in handy. At Mundae we can work by using technicians that are trained with IICRC standards and certification. Our technicians will use a hot water extraction procedure and with strong equipment mounted on our trucks. We also work with strong cleaning agents to ensure that you have your items treated as well as possible.

We start by working with a hypo-allergenic pre-spray that is natural in build without any harsh chemicals. This pre-spray is used to break up items that are trapped too deep inside your carpet. We then use 200 degree water in the area and then a suction material to help remove the deepest issues and the pre-spray that has been added. Our procedure will remove dirt, hair, mites, old cleaning materials and other allergens. This is done to keep your carpet looking like new while removing anything that could trigger allergies.
We work with turbo fans as well. This is done to improve the drying times that are involved here. We also rake the fibers around your carpets so the pile will be refreshed. This is all done to keep soap-like residues from being found around your carpet. It makes your carpet last longer, look better and be safe for all people to be on. This is all proof that we at Mundae are your best choice for your carpet cleaning needs.

To follow up the cleaning we apply turbo fans to accelerate drying time and rake carpet fibers to restore the pile. Our exclusive method leaves no soapy residue, which keep carpets cleaner longer as well as being safe for children and pets. You can clearly see that Mundae Carpet Care is the best way to protect your investment.

Residential Houston Carpet Cleaning Services
Our services work well for all kinds of carpets. We can treat any kind of stain no matter how difficult something is. We use a safe procedure that is comfortable for all people and works with all your needs.

We work with a safe pre-spray and textile rinse to keep dirt out and to get a natural pH level ready in your carpet. We also work with suction procedure to get as much as ninety percent of the moisture in the area removed. This is to keep your carpet clean and to ensure that it will not take too long for you to get things to dry out.

Our services work with the intention of keeping your materials managed well. We even work with DuPont Teflon materials to keep your carpet protect. Teflon is known to repel all sorts of items on your carpet, thus making the cleaning process a little easier for you to manage. It works by creating a shield around your carpet fibers. This will keep the surface energy down, thus making it easier for dirt and liquid to be repelled and therefore be a little easier to clean off before anything can set into the area.

We use air sprayers to apply Teflon onto your carpet. This means that our materials will move into your surface and evenly get into your carpet. In fact, we will rake your carpet pile to keep things even and to ensure that the Teflon can evenly move around your carpet’s fibers.

The Teflon that we add will be invisible and is not going to influence the appearance or design of your carpet. It will simply protect your investment.

Commercial Houston Carpet Cleaning Services
Some of the services that we use here include effective commercial application treatments. This is used to help with keeping your carpets clean and to ensure that they can last as long as possible.

We work with deep cleaning procedures to get the deepest materials out. This includes materials like allergens that can cause allergies to flare up.

We also work with strong emulsifiers for heavy traffic areas and for spots that have been impacted by kitchen grease, oils and other stubborn items. We even use deodorizers to help treat your carpets and other surfaces.

Additional carpet protectors and sealants can be added through our services. We even work with emergency services to control water damages that might come in to your business property. We can help you out today with a free estimate for your property and even a discount on services when you get a contract with us.

Carpet Cleaning Stain Removal
Our deep cleaning procedures are effective on all kinds of deep stains. We can help by using various kinds of stain removers to help with the process. This is all done to ensure that you get all kinds of items removed and treated as well as possible.

We work with filtration removers for dark lines around varying parts of a home. These include spots behind your doors and around your walls. We even work with stain removal procedures to help get rid of issues like juice stains, red wine stains, grease, rust, ink and other common hard to remove spots.

Sometimes a stain removal procedure cannot work. We can get patches or bonded inserts to work in areas where a stain can’t be removed.

Specialty Rug Cleaning
Our rug cleaning procedures work with some effective tactics to remove stains from any kind of rug. These include special Oriental rugs that have various natural dyes and fibers that are fragile. We work with the right cleaning materials and control their pH levels accordingly to ensure that the colors will not fade, become brown or otherwise be discolored. We can even control water pressure and temperature levels in accordance to the needs your rugs might have.

We work with practically all kinds of rugs including synthetic, Turkish and Oriental rugs. These include rugs with wool, silk or cotton materials. We work with different items based on the fibers you have. We can even pick up and deliver your rug as needed.

Carpet Cleaning FAQ

Q: Will Teflon have to be applied every time my carpet is cleaned?
A: Teflon can wear out over time as pressure is added to a carpet. Therefore, a new coating of Teflon will be required after each cleaning procedure.

Q: What should I do when preparing for a cleaning service?
A: You’ll have to remove any fragile items off of the furniture that you want us to move. This is practically all you need to work with. We can move your furniture for you and use special plastic and foam materials to protect your furniture as it is being moved around.

Q: Will there be residues leftover in the carpet?
A: Our procedure works without detergent or chemical residues. We use a natural pre-spray with a textile rinse and extraction procedure to keep residues out.

Q: What if I have something that can’t be cleaned?
A: We love a good challenge at Mundae. We can practically take out any stain including some stains that others claim can’t be fixed.